Amplified. New music for saxophone and electronics presented by Amp on tour with stops in NYC, Atlanta, and Boston. Compositions include works of the European avant-garde, as well as pieces by Amp co-directors, Adam Mirza and Gregory Cornelius. Amplified features saxophonist Michael Ibrahim and sound projection by Gregory Cornelius.

The centerpiece of the tour is Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Edentia for soprano saxophone and electronic music, the 20th Hour from the cycle Klang - the 24 Hours of the Day. Edentia, composed in 2007, is one of Stockhausen’s final compositions. Like many of his later works it defies easy categorization. Looped electronic melodies spiral through space and time (spatialized for 8 loudspeakers at the Freiburg Experimental Studio for Acoustic Art) in evocation, perhaps, of the cosmic voice, while through this mesmerizing vortex rises the quizzical saxophone.


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